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Siraj Sheikh
Mr. Siraj Sheikh
(Chairman) Bharat Travel Point Pvt. Ltd. Bava Travel Point Pvt. Ltd. (Founder) BCN Group & Faizan Media Services +91 98227 03786 (P.A.)

Siraj Sheikh was born in 1973 at Nagpur, as fourth child to Ramzan Sheikh, in middle class family but this didn't stop him from winning in the race. he had set his ambition on something bigger. He dreams big and made that happen. He establishes the foundation of some of the biggest companies in Central India Bharat Travel Point Pvt. Ltd., Bawa Travels Point. Pvt. Ltd., BCN Cable, Bharat Agency, Lotto world and several companies. If there's one thing you can say about Siraj Sheikh it's that he doesn't back down.

Faizan Sheikh
Mr. Faizan Siraj Sheikh
(Managing Director) Bharat Travel Point Pvt. Ltd. (Managing Director) Bava Travels Point Pvt Ltd. (Director) Faizan Media Services
(Owner, Director) Fly High Tourism LLC (Founder, Director)
+91 89565 26101 (P.A.)

Entrepreneurship is the constant hunger for making things better and the idea that you are never satisfied with how things are with this attitude which is in mind of our young entrepreneur Mr. Faizan Siraj Sheikh, at the age of 22 he has wide range of portfolio to offer. Having ample of knowledge in Tourism Industry which he is utilizing to run the business, he has Graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration. Since childhood he has witness the amount of effort put by his father to run the businesses and to achieve something desired by individual. He considers his father as the Ideological person which he follows.